Monday, 8 February 2016

A draft outline of the key policies, etc to be included in the Proposed Neighbourhood Plan was circulated to all households just before Christmas inviting comments. This was followed up by two public meetings (one in Nocton on 12th January and one in Potterhanworth on 18th January). Very few formal responses were, in fact, made by residents to this part of the initial consultation process and those which were submitted were generally very supportive of the approach being taken so far.
Hopefully, this can be taken to mean that the Plan is "on the right track”. More comments were made during the course of the two public meetings, notably in connection with the future of the Nocton Hall.
All comments made as part of the consultation process will be posted on this Blog in due course.
The next stage is to prepare a more detailed version of the Plan for further consultation and this is currently being drafted by the Steering Group.  Hopefully, it will be ready for further refinement, etc. by the two Community Groups in March.
Ian Goldsworthy - Chair of the Steering Group

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