Friday, 3 June 2016

Just a quick update on the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. Our draft Plan has now been reviewed by an "independent" Planning professional who has made a number of suggestions to help us improve the content and effectiveness of the proposed policies.  These comments have now been reviewed by the Steering Group and a "final" draft Plan prepared. This will shortly be submitted to North Kesteven District Council who will carry out a formal assessment of the proposed Plan to check that it does not have a strategic impact on the local environment. We would be very surprised if it did but this is part of the planning process!

Once we have the "green light" from NKDC - expected by the end of the month/early July - the Plan will then go to a formal six week consultation with local residents, businesses and land owners. There will, therefore, be plenty of time for everyone to have their say and make sure that the "final" Plan reflects the local community's views.

Once any comments have been incorporated into the draft, it will be reviewed by a Planning Inspector who may or may not decide to make further changes. Only once that has been done will the Plan go to a local referendum to be voted on.

Once NKDC has finished its assessment, further information and publicity on the consultation arrangements and next steps will be made available both on this blog and through other local media, etc.

Councillor Ian Goldsworthy
Chair of the Steering Group

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